An Environmentally Friendly Ramp Company

An Environmentally Friendly Ramp Company

Published on Tuesday 2nd November 2021

At Rapid Ramp, we dedicate ourselves to reducing the impact our products, services, and activities have on the environment.

At Rapid Ramp, we dedicate ourselves to reducing the impact our products, services, and activities have on the environment.

Some of the measures implemented include (but are not limited to): 

The Ramp Recycling Scheme - Reconditioned Ramps 

Our in-house recycling scheme has been operating since the launch of the Rapid Ramp system.

Being a pre-fabricated system makes the Rapid Ramp System ideal for recycling. It can easily be dismantled and be reinstalled in different locations. Plus, it's suitable for both temporary and permanent usage. 

Due to the nature of clients in the residential market, the ramps are often only required for the last few years of the users' lives.

Overall the ramp recycling scheme is an Initiative designed to increase recycling efforts and reduce our carbon footprint.

Who is eligible for the scheme?

It is suitable for customers with a recurring need for ramps and steps and is particularly attractive to local authorities in helping to reduce capital expenditure.


What happens to ramps & steps that are no longer needed?

We collect them for free and provide a discount on new projects using the used equipment.


The scheme creates a win-win situation for specifiers and the environment, as components can be reused.



>>Further Information on The Ramp Recycling Scheme<<



Concrete Ramps vs Steel Rapid Ramps


Both cement and steel contribute around 8% of the world's carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. 


Cement is a crucial ingredient in concrete ramps. Unwanted ones are broken down and thrown away, which is costly in labour and waste disposal.


Unlike concrete, steel rapid ramps & steps can be reused as part of our in-house recycling initiative. 


Recycling steel components reduces our manufacturing efforts and the amount of (CO2) emissions produced. 


The damaged components concluded unsuitable for our reconditioned rotations are still recycled. The material can be melted down and recast into other items. 


Systems can also be easily dismantled, moved and reinstalled at a new location owned by the customer. 


The Ramp Recycling Scheme The Ramp Recycling Scheme


>>Further Differences Between Concrete & Steel Ramps<<


Buy In Bulk 


At every stage of the manufacturing process, we use the full capacity of the transport available. This reduces the number of trips between the manufacturing facilities and the warehouse. Plus, It decreases the emissions created per product. 


Locally Sourced Staff 


All office and warehouse staff are local. Home working is possible and staff are encouraged to use public transport when travelling for work.


These efforts are taken to reduce emissions created from unnecessary car journeys


Plus, hiring locally increases jobs opportunities in our region. 


Ramp Installations


All used cardboard is recycled. 


When possible, region-specific Rapid Ramp fitters are utilised to reduce emissions from long journeys.


ramp installations  ramp installations



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