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The pathway under the railway bridge is prone to flooding, creating a potential slipping hazard for the public. Hence, setting up a temporary raised walkway was essential to ensure safe access.

Our system has a self-draining, galvanised mesh platform to prevent slipping and discourage moss growth, making it the perfect solution for the task. In contrast, traditional wood would have been an unsuitable choice due to its susceptibility to rotting and its tendency to accumulate water on its surface, posing a slipping hazard.


2D and 3D drawings were produced by our design team using information provided by the client and by our site surveyor.

During the site survey, a lidar scanner was used to scan and digitally map the entire area, capturing details like ceiling height, varying ground levels, and potential obstacles. This technology allows us to conduct site surveys swiftly, even under tight time constraints.

Once the data was collected, our in-house drawing team was able to generate a 3D representation of the system on top of an accurate depiction of the real location.


Before the ramp could be installed, a dedicated team had to dig out portions of the grassy bank around the designated entry points.

Our in-house team efficiently managed the entire ramp process, covering design, production, and fitting.

The installation took place over a two-day period during the weekend, outside our regular business hours. The ramp was completed in a straight configuration along the pathway.

Since it was a public route, private security was additionally organised to safeguard the pallets overnight before the installation.

Upon the conclusion of the rental period, the ramp will be dismantled, and its components will be incorporated into our rental inventory, prepared for subsequent use.


  • Trombone Ends - Installed at the ends of a Rapid Ramp to prevent clothes from snagging.
  • Mesh Platform - Self-draining mesh allows water to pass through, preventing surface accumulation.
  • Standard Colour: Black - Our ramps boast a powder-coated black finish, ensuring durability beyond typical paint.
  • Standard Handrail - This handrail is designed for hand gripping, offering stability and support.


  • Yellow Tread - A safety feature designed to help those with impaired vision identify the system's nose and any level changes.




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